About Us

EVOL Collective is a group of artists unified by creativity, passion and dedication. Our mission is to embrace the counter culture in our community to create an atmosphere of love, growth & acceptance.

After establishing ourselves in Chicago in 2014, we have now spread our roots to Colorado & Salt Lake City.


Tracing its origins back to the underground clubs of the late 70s and early 80s, house music first made its big breakthrough in the city of Chicago. And thus, the groundwork was laid for the genre that we all know and love today: electronic dance music. To celebrate this historic foundation and pay homage to the city that serves as its birthplace and home, EVOL Chicago was born in 2014.

In 2020, we evolved and rebranded into EVOL Collective to further unify our community across the U.S. & continue creating an atmosphere of love, growth & acceptance, regardless of city origin. Of course, many of us are proud of the city in which we were born, raised, or currently reside, and wish to show it off through our clothing, art & accessories. But it is our hope that we can grow our artist collective from these different cities and instead create a common thread through our unique designs.

EVOL Chicago
EVOL Colorado
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EVOL Collective